Furniture Masters of NH A juried group of craftsmen organized to promote and preserve the centuries old tradition of fine furniture making in New Hampshire.
Great Windsor Chairs Great site for period furniture ideas.

Hardwood Facts, tips and useful advice about U.S. hardwoods and hardwood products.
Goosebay Lumber A family owned and operated New Hampshire lumber business supplying hardwoods to  cabinetmakers, contractors, artisans, part-time woodworkers and hobbyists.  Their specialty is figured maple, both Bird's-Eye and Curly (Tiger), which they saw and kiln dry on-site.
Highland Hardwoods Practically any type of wood, finished or rough
Woodcraft Tools and Woodworking Supplies
Rockler Tools
Woodpeckers Woodworking Supplies
PS Wood Timber Wolf Band Saw Blades
Freud Freud Tools
Woodcraft Woodworking Supplies
Whiteside Router Bits
Western Tool Supply Woodworking Supplies

Wiring Facts